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Where's Dr. WC ????

For the past few weeks I have been constantly texted and emailed with concerns by the Real Truth Callers wondering where I am and speculating based on rumors and thoughts of others. 

During the Holiday season I have been inodiated with so much love and respect of concern.  After much consideration I have decided to share with everyone what I have been dealing with to expel all the rumors, untruths and speculation and thought projections in order to inform you all of what I have been going through. THAT WAY YOU WILL KNOW STRAIGHT FROM ME WITHOUT THE RUMOR MILL!

This is What's Happening!!!!

Since covid-19 Center was not allowed to do in house training anymore.  We had a choice to do tele-conferences  (via) Zoom or walk-in appointments only.  As a partner with DCFS (Department of Family & Children Services) we could no longer offer in-house services to clients due to close proximity of training.
So Here is what happened to me!
I decided to set the training room for the zoom calls.  As I was going about the daily business of taking cabinets, desks, and other stuff from the training room.  I went t pick up a couple of replacement chairs. December 4th
Day 1 - When I got back to my office I could not step on the platform to go inside of the building due to  excessive core pain.  I couldn't stand up!
Day 2 - I was walking on a Cane
Day 3 - I was walking on a Walker
Day 4 - I was unable to Stand
Day 5 - I was unable to Walk
Day 6 - A Tumor had wrapped itself around my spinal cord and I needed Emergency surgery.
Day 7 - I was at the Hospital being prepared for Emergency Back Surgery
Day 8 - Just that quick! I went from thriving into Emergency Back Surgery, in a matter of days.  No warning! Just plain shock! 

I spent the month of December in the hospital going thru the healing rehab, physical and occupational therapy and recovery process. 
 What Now! Still going through treatments!
During the month of January & Now, (February), December, I have been going through intense therapy.  Physical therapy 2 times a day and Occupational therapy 2 times a day.  That ends around 3 pm and feeds into radiation at the end of the day, which wipes me out until around 11:30 pm. 

Many of you have expressed a desire to donate and that will be a great blessing to me. Considering the fact that my life is now comprised of being in a wheelchair.  I am asking that you continue to pray for me as I go thru this process. Keep me lifted up before Heaven! Thank you so much for your Love and Support! 

Each day is a bit different. I won't go into to any details because some people won't be able to take it. It's not pretty!  Right now I am in a wheelchair.  Praying for healing to be restored to both my legs. Taking Physical therapy 4 days a week and Occupational therapy 4 days a week. 

My Center?
Well since 2001-covid everything was put on automatic which allows me to not worry about that so much while I recover. 

Follow Dr. WC - Updates I will attempt to do weekly updates. I know easy it is to worry. Don"t worry! God gave us a Spirit of a love Peace and a Sound mind!

Keep My Name before heaven! I Shall overcome!  Love You All! Dr. WC

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