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Health & Beauty Supply List

Select from list and purchase on line. It will be sent directly to select Individuals in Houston whom will insure it goes to those in need.  Do Not send Clothes at this time. 

It will be posted when Clothes are accepted.

Restore Puerto Rico
Tarp For Puerto Rico 30' x 50' : $74.99  ships to Puerto Rico
Bungee Cords 

Keep boxes to a manageable size. There is a gas shortage

so people are walking. If they lost everything, they lost their car.


Tape all the sides of the boxes to make them strong.  


Best is to use the USPS $18.95 up to 70 lbs boxes.

Gift Cards to Wal-mart, Home Depot


Make cans pull top if at all possible.


Canned Red Kidney beans

Canned tomato sauce

Tuna and Salmon packets

Canned soup (chicken noodle, vegetable, beef stew)

Small cans of:



green beans


Packets of cooked rice

Fruit cups

apple sauce

juice boxes

boxed milk

instant oatmeal

instant coffee


guava paste (Goya)

baby food

baby formula


canned corned beef

vienna sausages

Goya Adobo without pepper

individual packets of sugar

Canned spaghetti

Canned ravioli

individual packets of ketchup, jelly, mustard, mayo, salad dressing


Sanitary napkins

adult diapers

flushable wipes

baby wipes

insect repellent


disposable shavers



dental floss

Toilet paper

small containers of laundry detergent

disposable plates, cups, utensils





sugarless gum (helps with thirst and hunger)

saltine crackers

any kind of cookies

individual packets of raisins

trail mix

honey nut cheerios

small blankets

solar powered flashlights or lamps

solar powered fans


coloring books



Mail To:

Carmen Rivera / Maria Plaza Munet

Calle Loiza 2103

San Juan, PR  00911

Dennis A. Salcedo 

US Army, LTC Retired

PO Box 58

Yauco, PR 00698

Carid Baez

Areyto CA 13 Bairoa

Caguas PR 00725

Adopt 10+ Families

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