Revive, Resurrect, Restore & Thrive


            Mission: Revive Consciousness by Restoring Truth, thereby Resurrecting Humanity & Thriving in Oneness



Down The Rabbit Hole

Research                Conspiracy            

IN                 OF THE REAL TRUTH

         Yosef         1          Fisher/ Tank       2               NO CALL       3          Fisher/Smarty      4    Open Forum / Smarty   5

Smarty / Tank       8   Tom / Scalar Healing  9     Galactic Information  10  Open Forum/Tank Upd 11       Barbara Frank  12

Open Forum / Smarty           Open Forum             Yosef-Pop-In/Tank/Fisher            NO CALL               Open Forum / Tank

Open Forum                  Open Forum / Smarty          Save Our Forest                   No Call                        Joseph Reyna

Happy Memorial Day        Open Forum                           Yosef

MAY 2017

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