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To the SOTN Editor About the Everton Rocha UCC-1 Filing

Posted on July 30, 2017 by David Robinson

Justice Anna von Reitz

There is nothing mysterious about what Everton Rocha did and he did
not allege a debt against the states and people of the actual United
States of America. What he did was exactly the opposite— he made a
claim in our favor by making his own claim to his ESTATE. Remember
that the Law must provide equal protection and properly applied, it

I have fully explained this entire swindle– not by Everton Rocha– but
by the separate foreign governments of the Territorial and Municipal
United States and their agencies and affiliates— with more than 600
articles on my website: and probably nearly as
many UCC-1 notices and liens and public land jurisdiction recordings
and other records.

Basically, the Civil War wasn’t a war and it never ended. The
Territorial and Municipal United States created by The Definitive
Treaty of Paris 1783 and The Constitution for the united States of
America has been in a constant state of perpetual commercial mercenary
insurrection—- an illegal “war” that is not now and never has been an
actual war. This “war” has been carried out against the American
people by their own employees— for profit.

My proof? Proof can be positive or negative— that is, it can be
established by something that exists, but it can also be established
by something that should exist and doesn’t.

In this case, there is no Declaration of War ever issued by the United
States in Congress Assembled. Lincoln issued a “declaration” of sorts
authorizing the invasion of South Carolina by Union troops, but if you
read that document you will see that it isn’t a declaration of war.
Lincoln knew he didn’t have that power and so, he didn’t exercise it.
He just appeared to do so.

Same thing at what appeared to be the end of the festivities— there is
no actual Peace Treaty ending the Civil War. There is a cease fire and
surrender of Lee’s Army at Appomattox, Virginia. There are three
separate declarations of peace on the land by President Andrew
Johnson, but there is no actual Peace Treaty.

Finally, if you ask the Congressional Research Service, they will tell
you that the infamous “Reconstruction Acts” are still in force and
effect, never substantially repealed.

And there’s more. Lincoln’s General Order 100, known as the Lieber
Code, is also in force and effect. It placed the U.S. Army of that
time, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), in charge of the
government of the District of Columbia– the so-called “Territorial
Government”. From there, it has continued to rule “the territories”
ever since. We’ve been living under a foreign military dictatorship
for 150 years and nobody told us.

Why? Because it was all implemented in Breach of Trust and under
conditions of fraud related to an illegal undeclared commercial
mercenary “war” carried out against us by our own criminally inclined
employees, and that is the basis that we have to claim our country
back and force the military and the “Congress” which has been
operating way outside its authority—- back into their respective
boxes. Fraud and Breach of Trust by hirelings vitiates everything that
has gone on here since 1860, but I digress.

After the Civil “War” purportedly ended, the cretins responsible
formed a corporation merely calling itself “The United States of
America”—Inc. This organization published its “constitution” in 1868.
This look-alike-sound-alike document copied almost every word of the
actual Constitution. It was called “the Constitution of the United
States of America” instead of “The Constitution for the united States
of America”, but it was a different kind of document altogether.

The actual Constitution of this country is a tri-lateral international
treaty, national trust indenture, and international commercial
services agreement. The “constitution” published in 1868 is only the
articles of incorporation for a commercial corporation like any other.
It’s “articles” are articles of incorporation, not articles of treaty,
and its “amendments” are By-Laws.

That’s how they got away with publishing all these “amendments”
without ratification by the states. As corporate By-Laws, the articles
of this “constitution” could be amended simply by a vote of the Board
of Directors— the members of the duplicitous “Congress”.

This commercial corporation operated the government of the Territorial
United States including all the “territorial franchises” called
“States of States” like the “State of Wisconsin” until 1907, when it
was bankrupted. The bankruptcy trustees working for the international
banks responsible “took title” to all the land in America as “surety”
to pay off the debts of the corporation. From 1909 to 1953, our
grandparents and parents worked to pay of the debts owed by this
foreign, for-profit, privately owned governmental services
corporation. In 1953, the vermin responsible made no effort to return
the “title” to our land to us. Instead, they claimed that they didn’t
know who it belonged to. It had been “abandoned”—– so they rolled it
all into two giant land trusts, one public, one private, and made
themselves the beneficiaries.

This was working so well for the vermin that they spooled up a second
corporation merely calling itself “the United States of America” —
Inc. Notice the very slight difference? “The United States of America,
Inc.” versus “the United States of America, Inc.”???

In 1933, FDR acting as President of “the United States of America,
Inc.” bankrupted it, too. This time, he confused the Trade Names of
innocent Americans styled like this: John Michael Doe, with the names
of US Foreign Situs Trusts styled exactly the same way: John Michael

This time, when the bankruptcy Trustees came in, they “presumed” that
“John Michael Doe” was a US Foreign Situs Trust and liable for the
debts of “the United States of America, Inc.” Our grandparents,
parents, and we, ourselves, have been prosecuted by these vermin as
debtors by the bankruptcy trustees of these foreign corporations under
completely false and deliberately contrived legal presumptions.

Finally, in 1999, that bankruptcy also settled and was discharged. As
a result, the rotten bastards can no longer charge “John Michael Doe”
for false debts. The Queen went so far as to call us “disregarded
entities” and has tried to avoid the fact of her own Breach of Trust,
press-ganging, and unlawful conversion of our assets.

And now we are looking at Round Three, in which these unspeakable
criminals have attempted to claim all our assets for themselves—-land,
names, copyrights, patents, trademarks, logos, bodies, souls, you name
it, they have attempted to claim it for their own benefit. And it is
all ours.

They did it not only to us, but to virtually every other nation
worldwide. The exceptions are North Korea and Iran and a few Pacific
Island kingdoms.

They have offered to bankrupt the entire world, roll everything and
everyone (except themselves, of course) into a giant “trust” called
the One People’s Public Trust. This trust is just a much, much larger
version of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up in the wake of the
so-called Civil War for the relief of freed plantation slaves who
couldn’t adjust and make it on their own. At least that was the public
excuse for setting up the PCT.

In reality, it was used as a means of conscripting and press-ganging
and stealing from the innocent and unwary. These commercial
corporations offered “benefits” to the poor and in “equitable”
exchange for their “estates”—-bodies, homes, land, and whatever else
they might have — enslaved them, monetized their estates in the form
of indentured servitude bonds, and sold them and traded them on the
open market.

That’s what Birth Certificates are—- essentially stock certificates in
YOU, your own ESTATE set up as a generation skipping Cestui Que Vie
trust, used as a multi-layered tax shelter for these creatures of the

Please bear in mind that we can prove absolutely all of it, and that
this brings us forward to 2011 and Everton Rocha.

He knew that Round Three was coming. I don’t know him. We’ve never
met. But he knew somehow what was going on and what was coming down
the track. So he raised his hand and said, “Hey! Not me! These rats
owe me my ESTATE, me, the living man with hands and feet. I am the
actual creditor!”

In 2015, “President” Barack H. Obama bankrupted yet another phony
governmental services corporation operating as the UNITED STATES. It
was so far in debt that it had to be liquidated in Chapter 7
bankruptcy. When he did that, guess what? All the Cestui Que Vie
trusts named after Americans — JOHN MICHAEL DOE and LOUISE ANN
FELDMEYER and MAXWELL ADAM PERKINS….. were bankrupted, too, as
“presumed” wards and chattel belonging to and acting as sureties for

Thank your lucky stars that people with the standing to make the claim
otherwise were jerked into action by Everton Rocha’s filing and began
the long arduous process to reclaim their own estates—-and yours and
those belonging to the actual states of the Union.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a viable government today, and everything
you think you own would have been sacrificed to these vultures.

Read the short form recount of all this at “Our National Probate v.
Their National Bankruptcy” at

It’s no “mystery”— but it is a vast, vast crime, and Americans need to
be aware and need to take up the fight in court and otherwise to make
sure these schemers are jerked up high and tight.

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